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Hi! and welcome to our boarding desk. If you wish to become a boarder, here at Golden Deer Meadows, please read the list of barns and special packages that we can provide to you for the extra special care of your beloved horses! Our stable hands are certified and have been tested personally by myself. If you don't wish to board here then thats fine! Just come back every once in a while to see if we have any GREAT deals up and then maybe you'll be interested! Have fun!

Barns and Fees

We have a number of different large and small barns.
-Mare barn
-Stallion barn
-Gelding barn
-Filly and Colt barn *for ages 2-4 years*
-Foaling barn *for mares who are of foal starting at 3 months*
-Sick barn
-Ailment barn *for special healing treatment*

The mare, stallion, gelding and filly/colt barns all have 55 stalls measuring from 6'x6' to 8.5'x9'. They are mucked out once every day unless needed. The barns also include 1 tack room, 1 shower plus hose, along with such safety precautions such as fire alarms in every room, fire extinguishers every 15 meters down the halls, and at least 2 phones linked to the main desk (they also have outside extensions).

The foaling barn is for mares who are pregnant for ages 3 months and up until delivery. They are then allowed to stay in that barn for a few weeks with their new foals. Every stall has access to a private outdoor paddock and the stalls are mucked out twice a day. The mares are kept under close watch by video cameras and there is a vet on residence for any problems.

The sick barn is for horses who need to be in quarantine. Also for horses who need some time to them selves. Access to a small meadow provided. Monitoring provided and access to our vet.

The ailment barn is for those horses recovering form sickness,or injury. This barn has monitoring and we have a vet living on the premises.

Packages & Fees

1) A stall measuring from 6' x 6' to 7.5'x7' your choice. Can be let into a paddock with other horses. Not recommended for stallions. You feed, groom and muck, we provide the food/hay/etc. Fresh water circulation system provided. You exercise your horse or you can hire an exerciser. Fee:$175 a month

2)A stall measuring from 7'x 7.5' to 7.5' x 8.5' your choice. Access to paddock, can be linked to another or for 1 only horse. Stable hands feed, groom and muck your horse. Water circulation provided. You exercise your horse or you can hire an exerciser. Fee:$250

3) A stall any size you want up to 9'x9'. Access to private paddock or can be let into the surrounding meadows. We feed, groom, muck and take extra care for your horse if needed. Water circulation system provided. Exercisers provided or you can exercise your horse. Fee:$350

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