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Our Boarders

All of the people who board here recieve the best treatment for them selves and their horses!


Incan Princess
3 year old Throughbreed filly.

Midnight King
3 year old Throughbreed colt.

Sahara Sunrise
9 year old Arabian mare

Heart of Gold
7 year old Quarter Horse gelding

Courageous Quest
11 year old Andalusian stallion



Night's Storm


SORRY!!! Something happened to my Data base and I lost most of the info on the horses that are boarding at GDM! If you are a boarder here PLEASE contact me so I can get it back up!



Prince King Moco (Red)
Paint, Piebald gelding.Sire; Tiger Mccue Dam; Princess Paint. 14.2 hh 16yro.

Soda Pop (Soda)
Shetland Pony gelding. Dam; Strawberry Soda Sire; unknown. 11.1 hh, 7 yro.

Impressa Rhine Stone (Stone)
QH mare. Red Dun colouring. Sire; Impressed Dam; Rhine Stone. 15.2 hh, 8 yro.

Run for the Roses (Rosy)
QH mare. Red Roan colouring. Sire; Run for It Dam; Rose Runner. 15.2 hh, 9 yro.

Kiss Kassie (Kiss)
QH filly. Red Dun colouring. Sire; Sun Man Dam; Impressa Rhine Stone. 16.2 hh, 4 yro.

Sonny's Blue Legacy (Lace)
QH filly. Blue Roan colouring. Sire; Boston Dee Bar Dam; Grandpa's Legacy. 15.2 hh, 2 yro.
Blabbie's Blackie (Black)
Black QH stallion. Sire; Blabbie's Boy Dam; Momma Black. 5 yro, 16 hh.

Run Around Rowdy (Rowdy)
Buckskin QH stallion. Sire; Run Around It Dam; Miss Rowdy. 6 yro, 15.3 hh.

I would like to welcome a new boarder to our stables!

aka Bluejay

7 year old New Forset Pony stallion with bright bay colouring. He is used for breeding, jumping and cross country. His markings are a star, stockings on right foreleg and ermine marks on left hindleg. He can be feisty at times but is a great eventer.

6 year old New Forest Pony mare with bright bay colouring. Is used in breeding and dressage. She has a blaze (of course!!) and is very gentle and friendly.

A 10 year old black Wielkopolski gelding. He is used in eventing and is all black. He is extremely sweet and obedient.

It's Showtime

A 5 year old chestnut Thoroughbred stallion. He is used in breeding and racing. He has no markings and can be high-strung and nervous sometimes.

A 6 year old fleabitten Arabian mare used in Dressage and breeding. Her very graceful disposition helps in competitions

Taseko's   MANY   horses!

I have so many horses I just wanted to post as many as I could! :o)


Quarter Horses


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