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Our Contenders

Here at Golden Deer Meadows we greatly pride ourselves on raising and breeding great champions and future champions! Here are our best horses up for display.

Contenders at Golden Deer Meadows

Here we have Golden Dream. She was one of my very first cyber horses. She has won the World Palomino Championship. She is an Arabian x Thouroughbread x Andalusian and at 7 years old she is at her career peek!

I pride myself in all of my horses who are traind in any western sport and Cowboy is no exception! Standing at 16.3 hands high he is a National Champion Steer horse in roping, barrel racing and pole bending. So far to my knowledge, he's only placed first or second in any events that he entered! Check the Stud page to see he's fee and I just know you to some day could have a great winner such as him!

Here is Kody! He's a 6 year old Arabian stallion. Here he is participating in his favourite event, Western Pleasure. This excellent Arab has won many awards in the Arabian western pleasure catigory and I'm going to be showing him for a while longer. He is also up for stud service. With a fee you just can't miss of $700!!

Hustler is a beautiful horse that I have loved the whole time I've owned him. His temperment and stance win shows and admiring glances. Used in western, as are many of my horses, he's a real mover. He is up for stud and will throw beautiful champions.

DaVinchi is one of my only Dartmoor ponies and he's a real sweety. He is part of Golden Deer Meadows childrens program where we teach kids who have never riden before, just how much fun it really is! He also stands at stud. Check out the stud page for fees and stats.

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