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Golden Deer Meadows

Welcome to Golden Deer Meadows! Here we pride ourselves on our surrounding nature and our champion horses! We are located on Salt Spring Island in southern British Columbia, Canada. Salt Spring is a very beautiful Island year round. It is the largest of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia. Our stable colours consist of forest green, sky blue, and, of course, gold. Please feel free to stroll around our premises and admire our vast golden meadows of marigolds, dandiloins and butter cups. If you have difficulty in walking our meadows and surrounding area, please come to the main desk and ask one of our curtious and polite wranglers or stable hands to assist you. You may also borrow one of our few golf carts to access the farthest corners of our grounds. Thank you, and please don't hesitate to mail me with any suggestions or comments.

Last updated: 21/2/99

In the links below I have provided boarding fees and terms, list of boarders at the moment, some horses that I have up for sale right now, a contenders page to show our best up and comming horses, a stud row, and ......... well, I'm not sure yet! *grin*

Unfortunatly I will have to be closing down Golden Deer Meadows soon. I haven't had the time to update in a long while and I don't think I will be able to continue. This may be within the next two months. Thankyou for choosing Golden Deer Meadows for the boarding of your horses.

Here are many differnt things that you can look at!

A show of all of our outstanding horses here at GDM
Stallions up for stud at the moment
For people wishing to board here.
People and their horses who are boarding here.
Horses for sale
My Message Board
Post ads, suggestions and comments here for a better barn all around!


Mail me with any comments or questions!

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