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Here are some of my everyday activities and hobbies; Nothing to do with the internet catigory! -Hanging around with my friends
-Working on the latest Spring production at my school (I'm the senior technical director this year!! YAAAAA!!!! :o)
-Hitting the mall for some exercise in window shopping
-Reading Star Wars!! ( my favourite books right now! I've almost read them all!)
-Fishing in salt water and fresh water (in lakes not in rivers)
My biggest fish was a Spring Salmon off of Pender Harbour in the Georgia Strait. Measuring 23" and 13 lbs.

Ok here are my Internet hobbies!

-Making and updating my latest pages
-Chatting Star Wars or in any other chat room that interests me
(links for my favourite chat rooms at the bottom of the page!)
-Sending, reciving, and checking my E-mail
-Dealing in cyber horses
link at bottom of page to my cyber horse page!

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My awsome MUST SEE links!

Acme Pet
This is one of the pet chat rooms that I go to! It's great if you want to chat about pets and not have rude people interfearing!
Yahoo Chat rooms
This is the place that I go to chat Star Wars with my friends! You can find me as Rhysati_Ynr in any Star Wars chat room on the users list (go to Arts and Entertainment first!)
Golden Deer Meadows
Here is my Cyber Horse Barn! Check it out if ya got any cyber horses and want to board there. Located on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.
Mirax's Rogue Page
This is a page about the Rogue Squadron books... not updated in a while, so there is more info coming SOON. Really. And check out the 'Cuda page from there... the info is a little off there...
Katie's Chinchilla Palace!
This is sooo awesome!!! And I mean it!! And it's soooo cute too!
Save the Mice!!!
Exactly what the title suggests. I was just browsing for my sister and found it. Enjoy! :o)


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My guestbook is kinda screwed right now so just click on the counter and your there!